Powernap @ BPI Tayuman

Went to BPI Tayuman to deposit a check. I arrived there at 12 noon with the number to be served at 136. Used the BEA and was given number 148. It’s now 12: 40 pm. Wrote this post after a 30-minute nap. There is only one teller and this teller would stand up and go do other things aside from accepting deposits and withrawals. She is now serving client 145.
I woke refreshed from my nap but now I’m getting pissed. Imagine wasting almost an hour sitting here. At least it’s cool and I


was able to nap but that is not an excuse for inefficiency. Now I’m hungry. Perhaps I should take another nap just like my seatmate.
WTF, BPI Tayuman?

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ATM Scam

I was a victim of unauthorized withrawal from my ATM account at one of the oldest banks in the country. It happened to me twice. Since the bank claimed in its letter to me that it was a failure to dispense on the first incident, I requested to view the CCTV footage. It took about a month to have a positive response. Because of the long process, I was unable to view the footage because the hard disk was small so they overwrite it after a month. Now, I was able to view the second incident just this morning. What I saw withrawing at the ATM was male, between 20-30 years ild, wearing T-shirt with the country’s flag in front. The resolution was not that good so I cannot see the face clearly.
One thing is clear, however: it was not me who made the withrawal, he did two transactions so madami siya siguro card and I can also say that I don’t know him.
I asked the bank officer if I can recover my money. The response was: It is under investigation. So no clear cut answer. Baka puti na ang uwak kung magkalinaw ang usaping ito.

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The Cybercrime Bill

This bill was passed into law in so short a time that majority were caught flatfooted. This law, I think, was the result of the Honorable Tito Sotto getting flak for his copied speech so he inserted the provision on libel. Was the bill studied thoroughly? I don’t think so.
Unlike the RH Bill, which up to now is still languishing in both houses, the Philippine Cybercrime Bill was signed into law without any problem. Some circles commented that this law make the SOPA/PIPA looks reasonable.
It has been 40 years since Martial Law. Are we going back in time and will loose again our freedom of speech and expression?
Remember these persons responsible for this debacle. Don’t re-elect them. They don’t deserve your trust especially your vote!

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Tito Sotto’s view of RH Bill

In one of Senator Sotto’s speech, sinabi niya na ang mahihirap ay dapat mag anak ng marami. Itong mga anak na ito daw ang tutulong sa magulang nila para maka ahon sa kahirapan. Is he aerious about this claim? Perhaps the good senator should live with the poôr for about a week to experience how a family with 6, 8 or ten children live. Or he should ride the jeepney plying the Divisoria to Monumento route so that these children can give their regards to the good senator by giving him an envelope then would sing to him while the jeep passes by Hermosa or 5th Avenue. These chidren aree supposed to be in school and yet they are in the streets helping their parents na maka ahon sa kahirapan. be in in school and yet are in 



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Ang Babae sa LRT

Kakasuhan daw ng reckless imprudence ang driver ng LRT train na na involve sa pag suicide ng isang babae. Seriously, may case ba? Remember that LRT is up there and has its own right of way. It can’t stop abruptly. Think about it.

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Hulidap Part ll

As previously related in a blog post, a relative’s husband was brought to the Del Pan Police outpost for allegedly possessing a packet of shabu or methamphetamine. As related by the accused person, he was brought to this outpost in handcuffs by several police officers wearing denim shorts and without their IDs prominently displayed. He was never read his rights. The procedure was that you are guilty until you have paid whatever amount we want you to pay. In this case, 120 thousand pesos!!!

Upon arriving at this outpost, he was interrogated and was repeatedly bullied to admit that he was in fact the owner of the shabu which he repeatedly denied. One of the officer was heard saying “Matigas ito. Tingnan natin mamaya pag kinoryente ka. Pag hindi ka umamin”.

Is this behavior the norm for police officers to treat persons that they deemed guilty? Whatever happened to innocent until proven otherwise?

When the husband said that he cannot produce the amount being asked, the ‘officer said “sige, ikaso na lang natin”. So, there was no crime committed and now these cops are manufacturing something. The husband was amenable to undergo due process. However, when somebody intervened, another cop from another station whom the accused knew, the officers were amenable to lower the price and they took the amount of 10,000 pesos. When the one who was paying pulled the money, another 500 peso bill accidentally fell. The officer then commented “Akina yang 500 para pang inom namin”.

Is this the kind of policemen that the country have? No wonder the country is going to the dogs.

This is the outpost wherein two Army soldiers were allegedly salvaged. Why is this outpost’s policemen still there victimizing innocent people for their own greed? According to people in the vicinity, they do this kind of thing everyday. They would even arrest women and then have sex with them if they cannot pay.

If this is the kind of policemen that are suppose to protect the citizenry, then they should just remove all of them.

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Mothers Day

My mother would say that Mothers Day are for those with money to spare but she would expect me, her eldest to bring her 3 pieces of doughnuts on this particular day. To think that she had diabetes!

It has been two Mothers Day that I haven’t brought 3 pieces of douhnuts home. My mother died 20 months ago. Two days before she died, the mother of a close friend also died. You can’t explain how sad we both were. It seems to us a double loss but life goes on. Dwelling on might-have-beens is a waste of time and it would just tarnish the memories.

My mother was a teacher. Eversince I can remember, she would leave the house at 7 am and came home at 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays. We, her children, thought that having a working mother was normal. Little did we know that a mother who worked outside the home was and still is, to some extent, a bone of contention between couples.

My mother was a great believer in children being independent. My siblings and I were shipped to the big city for our secondary and college education the minute we finished our elementary education with just an aunt and uncle to look after us. The budget, cooking, cleaning and laundry were left for us to do. Growing up with household help, that was hard to do but we survived. We learned by trial and error and were the better for it.

My mother was stubborn till the end. She refused feeding tubes, dialysis and intravenous fluids. She insisted on going home from the hospital so that she can sleep in her own bed. She did and she died peacefully in her sleep.

To my mother, here’s your 3 doughnuts. Cheers!

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